srijeda, 5. studenoga 2008.

Pentax K-M

On saturday, 25.10. in Zagreb, was third in a row, "Photofair", and for the "fair-play", I had chosen the latest Pentax's baby, miniature K-M with the latest piece of glass DA 35/2.8 Macro Limited. How big he really is, judge by cup of coffee, which is near him.

I can only say that the K-M lies great in the hand, I can comfortably hold him firm in one hand, and even in my big hand, K-M insn't too small. All who have had the opportunity to take him in hand, surprised about it's weight and feel. lucky

Given the quantity and quality of light at the fair, I set the auto-iso from 200 to 1600. Pictures were mostly shot with asa 1600, and for this photo I helped myself with candle on the table. Auto white balance works great, the noise of the 1600 asa is excellent, as shown in the lower part of photo, which is 100% in size. Well, as well as the K 10 D, as I remember, if not better belj

Given that this is the Macro lens, you can approach to the target object very close, it's made for such scenes.

As this lens is made for aps-c based sensor, it provides a picture like 50 mm on ff, I used the presence of the audience at the fair, and shot a couple of people and scenes with this jewel.

That's all, folks lucky